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Rumph Audio

Thanks to the generosity of Mark and Stuart Daley, you can listen to some answering machine messages that Jim Rumph left for Mark years ago.

1. Rumph Pregnant
Jim was always funny on the phone but this is pretty much how he sounded most of the time. The laugh and the joking.

2. Death of the Slyme Factory
This was the end of the Slyme factory on Sepulveda around late '83 to early '84. He eventually ended up going back to 1655 18th St. in a small studio there, but it was never the Slyme Factory again as it had been. More of an office-like space without the production capacity. And without the bizzare magic as was in the previous studios. I think Jim was focused on pulling his life together in the mid 80's. Things had gotten pretty crazy on Sepulveda.

3. Where's The Slyme

4. Slyme Door
This is a thanks from Jim for repairing one of his doors on Sepulveda. Jim was a master on the phone. He could call you at 3:00 a.m. and it'd be a treat.