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Fri June 14, 2024

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Rumph FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Are all Rumph pieces marked by Rumph?
Well, I'm not sure. But the consensus is that he did indeed make pieces that he did not mark with his signature. There are various reasons why he may not have marked some pieces (legal being one of them), but most collectors believe that not every piece he made is marked. Fortunately, his style is usually pretty easy to recognize.

Who/What is Berney Karp?
Berney Karp is actually an organization founded by two guys, Berney and Karp. It is a fact that Rumph worked with the organization, but it is still not certain whether he worked for them or they worked for him. Either way, there apparently was a fallout, and the two stopped working together. Some collectors say that Rumph designed or created many of the pieces that are marked Berney Karp. Whether that is true or not, I'm still trying to find out.

Are there Rumph fakes/copies/knock-offs out there?
Yes, especially bongs and pipes. So be very careful on what you buy. From what I've seen, the non-authentic Rumph pieces do not use his mark or similar marks. They are usually similar looking to the original, but are significantly less detailed.

Where can I get Rumph items?
Your best bet is on eBay. You can also try in our message board to see what people have available. I've also heard people find Rumphs at antique stores, garage sales, and flea markets.

How much is this Rumph item worth?
Most items on the site have a section displaying the estimated value of the item in today's market in mint condition. This is not gospel, but just a guide. Rumph prices can be very volatile and honestly just depends on what someone is willing to pay for it.

Do you own all the pieces that say they are "contributed by THE RUMPH Webmaster"?
No. I do own a large portion of them, but many of those pictures came straight from eBay listings. I'd rather have the item cataloged and on the site than not because I don't know the person who took the original photographs.

**Grinning Gremlin and Jim Rumph Animations prestidigitized by Glickenspiel, The Golden Wizard.