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Rumph Item Categories

Below is a list of categories that all Rumph items fit into. Next to each category name is the number of unique items THE RUMPH currently has cataloged. Click on any category name to view all the Rumph items in that category.

Total Items Cataloged: 449
Total Pictures Cataloged: 2286

Tankards (98)
Contains all his tankards, mugs, steins, and cups
Smoking Accessories (151)
Contains all his pipes, bongs, ashtrays, and smoking paraphernalia
Sculptures (84)
Contains all his unique pottery sculptures that have no functional purpose
Decanters & Bottles (21)
Contains all his decanters and cologne and perfume bottles
Paper Items (47)
Contains anything made out of paper (catalogs, books, and tags)
Planters (12)
Contains all his sculptures that are actually planters
Other Stuff (36)
Contains items that just don't belong in any of the other categories